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On ‘popular but wrong’, I will be bringing you a few popular opinions on car tech with explanations why they are wrong. Catalytic converter
On this side of the globe, the catalytic converter has gained a very popular alias - ‘the Indomie’, after Indomie noodles because of the noodles like shape of the converter metals. In other worlds, it is simply called the ‘Cat’.
There is a popular believe and claim that the Cat/Indomie improves fuel economy, I.e. reduces fuel economy.  I say a big Wrong to that. The Cat is not designed to, and so doesn't improve fuel consumption. The Cat is designed to remove poisonous gases and elements like Carbon monoxide and Nitrogen from the exhaust gas. Thus, its main function is to reduce excessive air pollution. It does this by reacting with the gas as it passes through the exhaust pipe. Or more specifically, it facilitates the reaction, that’s why it is called a catalyst. One of the end products of this reaction is water which might be seen dropping …