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Popular but Wrong 2: Differences Between 4x4 and AWD To start with, there is no Mercedes Car model called Mercedes 4matic. This is another popular but wrong impression that is so common to be ignored. 4matic is Mercedes' trademark name for its All Wheel Drive(AWD) Technology that comes as an option across several of its car brands from the C class through S class to SUVs and crossovers. Now, what is All Wheel Drive (AWD), and how does it differ from  Four Wheel Drive (4WD) and Four by Fours (4x4). 2015 Toyota Camry - Befitting redesign for a flagshipAnother revision of Toyota's large size sedan, the Camry is here, and I'll like to say its a complete and impressive make over. Unlike the 2012 facelift. I personally didn't like the 2012 facelift as it made the Camry look so cheap as something from the other sides of ...continue reading THE 2014 COROLLA, welcoming Toyota on-boad  The redesigned Toyota Corolla is a bold ‘game on’ statement from Toyota Motors to all major …