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The Effect of Brand Name: Pontiac Vibe and Toyota Matrix

We love Toyota, we love Honda. But if its something else like a Pontiac or Subaru or even Opel, we say its a no go area around here (Nigeria). That's the power in a name.
The Pontiac Vibe and the Toyota Matrix are basically the same car made by the same person, and I can say for 'the same persons' at different times.
Something that shows how much we love 'anything' Toyota is how fast we around here accepted the Pontiac Vibe as soon as we saw the Toyota Matrix and were convinced its the same car. The vibe was a car you could hardly sell in Nigeria about 10 year ago (2002-2005), not for any other reason, but because its neither a Toyota nor a Honda. Maybe it would have been a little more successful then if it was a Mercedes or a VW. But Pontiac? 'whats that?
Then came the Matrix, an identical twin to the Vibe. You can't but notice the resemblance. People couldn't but ask if there were cousins. As soon as they were convinced they are not just cousins but …