THE 2014 COROLLA, welcoming Toyota on-boad

Redesigned Corolla
The redesigned Toyota Corolla is a bold ‘game on’ statement from Toyota Motors to all major competitors especially Hyundai and Honda. Toyota before now is known for putting little efforts into how cool their Toyota branded cars look both from the outside and inside. This, Honda and very recently Hyundai and even Kia has capatalised on greatly to become great threats to Toyota cars in some markets. Realizing this, Toyota in the past five or so years started some real visual upgrade and redesign with emphasis on aesthetics. Though not all the redesigns and face-lifts has come out well (case in point, the 2013 Camry face-lift), the recent corolla redesign is definitely a big thumbs up. Came out way better than the Civic, Elantra and … what.
2014 civic
2014 Elantra

Though the looks of the last Hyundai Elantra may be a point to ague compared to that of the Corolla, I still mentain that there is something very grown-up about the Corolla looks thats not there in the Elantra.

For me it came unexpected. I never heard/read of a redesign in works before I actually saw it in Abuja yesterday. When I saw it I was like 'what is that', then it came closer and it looked like the GT8 or a Scion but it had a Toyota logo on it. It drove pass, I turned around and its a Corolla. Right there and then I pulled out my phone, checked the specs online and saw that though it looked smaller in appearance it had more room and almost more everything. Now, that's what we call design optimisation.


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