Popular but Wrong 2: Differences Between 4x4 and AWD

To start with, there is no Mercedes Car model called Mercedes 4matic. This is another popular but
wrong impression that is so common to be ignored.
4matic is Mercedes' trademark name for its All Wheel Drive(AWD) Technology that comes as an option across several of its car brands from the C class through S class to SUVs and crossovers. Now, what is All Wheel Drive (AWD), and how does it differ from  Four Wheel Drive (4WD) and Four by Fours (4x4).

2015 Toyota Camry - Befitting redesign for a flagship

Another revision of Toyota's large size sedan, the Camry is here, and I'll like to say its a complete and
impressive make over. Unlike the 2012 facelift. I personally didn't like the 2012 facelift as it made the Camry look so cheap as something from the other sides of ...continue reading

THE 2014 COROLLA, welcoming Toyota on-boad  

Redesigned Corolla
The redesigned Toyota Corolla is a bold ‘game on’ statement from Toyota Motors to all major
competitors especially Hyundai and Honda. Toyota before now is known for putting little efforts into how cool their Toyota branded cars look both from the outside and inside. This, Honda and very recently Hyundai and even Kia has capatalised...continue reading


On ‘popular but wrong’, I will be bringing you a few popular opinions on car tech with explanations why they are wrong.
Catalytic converter
Catalytic converter
Indomie noodles
On this side of the globe, the catalytic converter has gained a very popular alias - ‘the Indomie’, after Indomie noodles because of the noodles like shape of the converter metals. In other worlds, it is simply called the ‘Cat’...continue reading

The Effect of Brand Name: Pontiac Vibe and Toyota Matrix

We love Toyota, we love Honda. But if its something else like a Pontiac or Subaru or even Opel, we say its a no go area around here (Nigeria). That's the power in a name.
pontiac vibe
Pontiac Vibe
toyota matrix
Toyota Matrix
The Pontiac Vibe and the Toyota Matrix are basically the same car made by the same person, and I can say for 'the same persons' at different times.
Something that shows how much we love 'anything'...continue reading



I've itemized below some often ignored but very important practices that can be the difference between few and often visits to the repair shop.

  1.  Get to know your car

You need to first of all know what car you have, what it is made of and what it is capable of. Basic information about any car can be gotten from a good car website on line, but the problem will be interpreting and understanding what you get...continue reading
v6 vs I4


Governor Idris Wada’s Auto-crash; the bullet proof SUV

car crash
The Governor's SUV
It is now a well known fact that the governor of Kogi State was involved in a ghastly Motor accident
on Friday 28th December. A careful look at the picture of the Lexus SUV he was travelling in and a statement credited to an anonymous family member on facebook who claimed that the vehicle was bullet proof brings me to the conclusion that the vehicle must have been travelling at quite a high speed and that...continue reading


hyundai jeep
The Hyundai Jeep you
can never have
I was moved to write this article after reading a report on a popular Nigerian news website about a Nigerian lawmaker who bought an alleged faulty Hyundai ix35 for his wife...continue reading


car showroom
car showroom (courtesy 123rf.com)
What informs an average Nigerian’s choice of what brand of car to buy is 'popular street opinion'
which usually originates from Mechanic workshops. This is a wise choice for such decision making. But to understand the effect this decision is having on the Nigerian automobile market, you need to know what an average Nigerian Mechanic is made of... continue reading

Ac vent
AC vent

Air Conditioner Fuel Consumption  

In early cars like the 70s Peugeot 504 and other cars before that era when car AC compressors were
bulky and not very efficient, it is indisputable that using your car Air Conditioner while driving means parting with some extra liters of fuel.  But we are in an era... continue reading

Best way to brake in an Emergency situation

modern car
old car

If you have been driving for many years now or you owned or drove a classic car (say one from the 70s), you may have taken one or two old habits to your modern car. The mid 19th century was really a fun period for the automobile industry as many... continue reading


Brief History of Infiniti Motors

Infiniti logo
Infiniti is the Luxury line of the Japanese auto company Nissan. It was founded in 1989 with its present head quarters in Tokyo Japan. It mainly serves the US and other markets as its cars are not sold in Japan so it doesn’t form a competition for its parent company. Most Infiniti brands are based on... continue reading


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Air Conditioner Fuel Consumption